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Encrypt secret data on your PDA with myCodes

Your faithful companion, the PDA, serves as a storage unit for all sorts of information you do not want to lose while on the move. Thus, passwords, bank data, etc. are accumulated in diverse notes or text files on the device. But, what happens in case that an unauthorized person gets access to your device? He or she could easily see and use all this sensitive data!

myCodes offers the possibility to maintain sensitive data (such as secret numbers, credit card data, secret phone numbers, passwords etc.) in a convenient user interface and to protect it from unauthorized access. Each data record can be stored in a sub-category with a description. Regarding the categorization, there are no limits - you have complete structural control. Within the program, the data is encrypted so that it is only accessible with the proper password which you personally define. This password is not memorized in the system. Therefore, unauthorized access is nearly impossible – even if you have lost the device.

A powerful security solution for your Pocket PC.

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myCodes lite


myCodes lite 1.3

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    This program is great and FREE, plus if you want more options the Pro version if fairly priced..   More